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This page is brought to you by Samuel Sousa, an "hermit" creating games and editorial cartoons from beyond the mountains. All content provided here comes from his "jack of all trades" artsy hands. He tries to keep this corner of the internet monthly updated with significant content which can sometimes prove to be kind of difficult.

It all begin way back when he was taught how to create Comics. Over 300 pages later, the path led to Painting and Rock Music as a drummer for smackthepone. Became mostly known for always having a project up his sleeve. Obtained a Licentiate Degree in Game Design. Time passed and the knowledge collected from all those years has opened the pandora box of game development. Having participated in a handful of game projects for PC and Mobile, after Tone Marreta, focus is now on "A 2D Retro Shoot'em Up" and a Comic Book project.

Creation fun aside, he enjoys friendship, nature and writing about himself in third person, from time to time :)

Born in Canada and raised in Portugal, Shawn Andrew is a singer-songwriter, composer, musician and music teacher based in London Ontario.

Growing up in the Northeast of Portugal, where he formed is first rock band, smackthepone; collaborated with the Philharmonic Band of Vila Flor and the poco a poco ensemble from the Municipal Conservatoire of Bragança; Shawn began to pursue a musical career upon graduating with a bacheloor’s degree in Elementary Education and Music Education.

He composes music for video games and continues to pursue his passion for teaching and music by working with children to raise awareness of the inspiration that music can bring to their lives. He also enjoys performing at many open mic's around the London area and offers his teaching services to those willing to learn the guitar.

He also has his own website, go there and show some love: